01 December, 2007

Back Up Your Files Day

It's the first of the month which means it's Back Up Your Files Day.

Tony B wrote a review of online storage in the comments a couple of months back:

- I've read many good reports of it. They offer two gigabytes of free storage and unlimited storage for 4.95 USD per month. I've tried out the free service and it works a treat - very intuitive and sophisticated system. You can carry on working as you back up and once the initial backup is done it works in the backround backing up new files or those files that have changed. Very easy.

I should point out that this is not an archiving service, ie. if you delete files from the hard drive then Mozy will delete them from the backup, so it only keeps a backup of your current system.

(Although it holds those deleted files for 30 days, that plus the constantly running software means that It's not high on my list)

Carbonite - good reviews but they don't offer any free storage.

MediaMax - 25 gigs of free storage but maximum file size is only 10Mb unless you pay. Apparently it's good for file sharing and you can even play media files straight off their servers.

- 1 gig free, file size also limited to 10Mb unless you go for a paid service. I actually found this hard going as it took up too many system resources so I couldn't use the PC as it was backing up.

XDrive - To avoid: Lots of reports of difficulties in retrieving data.

These others are also worth checking out:

Yahoo Briefcase - This is convenient because I have a Yahoo account anyway but at only 30mb it's not really for a big back-up more for small files and sharing those files with friends as they give you a URL you can pass on.

Driveway - 2gb free and the top-rated on one website.

BT Vault
- You get 1gb of space which rises to 5gb for BT Broadband customers

Apple iDisk
- 10gb for £50 a year.

Don't delay, do it today. It's Back Up Your Files Day, hooray!

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