08 November, 2007

Window of Opportunity


" The Window of Opportunity is our new competition. Run in conjunction with Baby Cow, the aim each time is to develop your comedy talent and give you a step up the industry ladder.

Henry Normal, Managing Director of Baby Cow Productions, will be judging the entries. For each commission he'll choose one winner, and give feedback on their material. This will be shown in our Comedy Report video.

To get the ball rolling, and release those creative juices of yours, our frist Window of Opportunity is in association with Baby Cow Productions themselves. Read on to see your brief, as set by Henry.

November 2007

4Laughs in association with Baby Cow

Brief: My Mate Primate

A community of neanderthals go about their business but there is one amongst them that is different... Whilst the majority are happy hunting, drawing on the walls and scratching themselves, one is a 1950s dad transported to prehistoric times... Write a sketch with this as the setting.


Up to a 2 minute sketch (no more than 2 pages of script)


* You must be registered on the 4Laughs site to enter the competition, to register, simply click here.

* Entries should be sent to 4Laughs@channel4.com with Window of Opportunity in the subject header.

* Entrants should include their real name, user name and a contact phone number.

* Only one entry per person.


You have until 9:00am, 12 November, 2007 to email your entry.


Henry Normal will choose one overall winner, and give feedback in the Comedy Report.

The winner will be invited to Baby Cow Manchester for a one-on-one development session with Ric Michael. They'll then be taken to the Ideal set to watch filming and eat lunch on the catering bus. After this there'll be more time to watch the production in action.

And of course there will be that feedback from Henry Normal. "


I should emphasise that you need to register and 4Laughs has the worst registration system I have ever encountered on the Internet so try to register before writing anything as you might not get the chance to submit it.

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