13 November, 2007

Why the Striking Writers Are Right


"Producers are full of reasons for not giving scribes the revenue share they deserve — and all of those excuses are ludicrous, says our columnist"

"It's a shame that the WGA so neglected its own image in the weeks leading up to the strike, since it has led too many observers to embrace the laziest kind of neutrality — a position that sneers at the hyperbole of both sides, and in so doing suggests that the writers and producers are somehow equally far from reason — that a magical midpoint of compromise could be found if everyone would just calm down. That's not what's going on here. The writers may be conflicted and prickly, but they're also right. The studios and networks are wrong. And yes, when you strip everything else away, it really is that simple."


Lucy said...

Did you send this to Emily Bell?

Robin Kelly said...

Yes, at the end of my harsh but fair reply I linked to that, Piers' excellent guide, Damon from Lost's New York Times thing and the Why We Fight video.

I don't expect Bell herself to read it or do anything about it but I sent it via the editor and deputy editor and they may feature it independently.

If everyone on the scribosphere replies even just to say, she's got her facts wrong, then it will help.

(This is referring to the discussion on James Moran's blog by the way, link on the right)