18 November, 2007

The Twenty (Intentionally) Funniest Web Videos of 2007

New York Magazine:

"What works best online? Funny still does. In fact, the Web has become the world’s biggest comedy club, where cutting-edge and too-profane-for-prime-time players—from Hollywood heavies like Will Ferrell to alt-comedy godfathers like Bob Odenkirk—are trying out their best material, for free. Herewith, bookmarks of this year’s twenty best clips of intentional hilarity."


Annie Rhiannon said...

It's true... it's the funny stuff I always end up looking at online, whether that's blogs or youtube videos or whatever. I have no time for the serious online stuff. Unless it directly involves me.

Robin Kelly said...

Annie, that must mean you find my blog hilariously funny. Thanks! ;-)