14 November, 2007

Robert Ben Garant, "Reno 911", on the strike

Knoxville News:

"My name is
Robert Ben Garant. I am a screenwriter. Some people may know me as Travis Junior, the guy who gets hurt a lot on Reno 911!. But I also write Reno 911!, and I have written a few movies.

The WGA (Writers Guild of America) is my union.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about the Writers' Strike. This is no coincidence. The corporations who run the news (NEWSCORP, VIACOM, etc.) are the very people we are striking against.

I wanted to set a few things straight:"


J. Wilson said...

These are interesting articles you provide. Where do they come from, by chance?

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Robin Kelly said...

There are publications I read regularly like the Guardian, Broadcast, NY Times and LA Times and the others come from screendaily.com, the imdb and google alerts