01 November, 2007

Red Planet Prize Update

Red Planet:

Final Shortlist!

Wednesday/31/October 2007

Thanks for your patience, but we've now decided on the finalists for the Red Planet Prize. The quality of entrants has been amazing and it's been incredibly hard to decide on those to make it through. Those that haven't made it, take heart. With two thousand entrants we had to be extremely exacting - so do please try again next year!

Over the next week, the finalists will receive requests for their full scripts. We can't, unfortunately, individually reply to everyone else, but do keep writing and thank you.


OK, so we've got this weekend for final polishing although I'm beginning to get a bit sick of the sight of mine, to be honest. Sometimes you've just got to stop and accept you're not improving it just making it different. Although knowing when you've reached that point is tough.

At least we know there will be another competition next year if we don't get through and there'll be another chance to try. Although by then I'll probably be living in LA in my big mansion with a massive pool and hot-tub having sold the screenplay I'm about to start for many millions.

Stop laughing, that wasn't meant as a joke. I mean it, stop.

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