14 November, 2007

Producers say don't blame us

LA Times:

" With the Hollywood writers strike now in its second week, media coverage often describes the labour impasse as a dispute pitting writers against producers.

But a loose-knit group of 85 independent producers, many of them with credits on studio and independent films, wants to make it clear: They aren't the ones negotiating with writers, and they don't control how much -- or how little -- residuals writers receive.

To clarify their point, the informally organized group of producers signed a joint statement asking the print and broadcast media to quit referring to the strike between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers as between "writers and producers." "


Jon Peacey said...

Maybe the 'loose-knit group of 85 independent producers' have the answer in their own hands; maybe they could set up their own Alliance to represent their own interests and views. Though possibly, because of their shifting working situations, this couldn't work.

dan said...

i think it is high time that consumers shift their priorities to new media content. people must understand that though there would be dangers of repeated TV programmes to while away the strike period,the internet is sure to cover up in a more interesting format.The situation is also a proof that writers play major role in the entertainment industry and that writing is a serious business that could cripple a nation's economy.Writing is as serious as politics.

Robin Kelly said...

Jon, that would be a start to shift some of the power from the studios

Dan, according to Variety, the writers are winning the argument with the consumers but the studios can hold out for ages.