19 November, 2007

Lame meme thing

I am amongst those tagged by Chip and Marty to “list five things about themselves that others may consider lame, but the writer is secretly proud of.”

It was hard for me to think of one thing that could be considered lame never mind 5, but here goes.

Will Young

I'm happy to admit to liking quality pop and arguing with the snobs but liking a toff who won a reality show was going too far. I've never watched any of the singing talent shows - they're just karaoke with a live band - but single by single I've ended up being a Will Young fan. Instead of just another Simon Cowell puppet, Young apparently turned down the cheesy toss he was given and insisted on doing good songs instead. His vocals are incredible.


High School Musical I & II

These are just fantastic singalong fun. One review of Once said at least it wasn't rubbish like High School Musical but they're both good in different ways. Why can't I like both? Eh? Why? The quality of the writing means I'd be proud to have both on my CV.


Don't smoke

OK, so very few people think not smoking ciggies is lame but loads think not smoking weed is.

I actually agree with the decriminalisation of all drugs, although I choose not do any anymore, but I expect the same tolerance and respect for my rights in return. I really don' t need another lecture about how it is natural and good for me.


Don't drink

Phill has already said what I wanted to on the subject but more eloquently (number three on his list) . I too was going to use the 'recovering alcoholic' lie to be left alone and also the 'lacking alcohol dehydrogenase (the metabolising enzyme that helps the body get alcohol out of the system)' excuse. Some people see it as a personal affront and a judgement on them when it isn't.


Paris Hilton

I wasn't being ironic in all the previous posts about her, I really do love Paris Hilton. I know she's spoilt, shallow and stupefyingly stupid but she's also seriously sexy. And that's the main thing you need in a relationship.



Lucy said...

Oh dear God Robin, there are so many well-fit women in the world, SO MANY it's a struggle against my inner lesbian every day, yet you go and choose PARIS FRIGGING HILTON?

For shame.

Robin Kelly said...

Don't blame me, Lucy, blame Cupid.

Chip Smith said...

Wow - what a list! I like the way you break us in gently with Will Young and some nice pictures of alcohol before going for the Paris Hilton 'whammy'. You are a brave man, sir - I salute you.

Lucy - I used to play bass in a band called 'My Inner Lesbian' ;-)

Jon Peacey said...

So glad you also said the one about the weed: I put that down too. People who partake just don't seem to be able to respect the individual right to refuse: you get regarded as a freak. (And if you get told it's natural and good for you tell them that they are far more likely to get lung cancer [from holding the tobacco smoke down longer] and run the risk of serious mental health issues due to hybridization to increase the amount of THC. Trying to hold a conversation with a long time user who used to be bright and intelligent but is now barely able to remember your name is truly heartbreaking!)

The alcohol one: I drink but I don't inhale. B'dum! Trouble with alcohol is that (as with everything these days) people don't seem to understand the concept of moderation.

Quality pop is a fine thing that shouldn't be derided: 'extraordinary how potent cheap music is'.

Lucy said...

Don't laugh Chip, I tell you it's a struggle to stay straight for me, there are hot laydeez everywhere.