22 October, 2007

Tranter welcomes six-year stability of new BBC Films budget

Screen Daily:

""Discreetly celebratory" was how Jane Tranter, Controller BBC Fiction, described the state of mind at BBC Films, where a $4m (£2 m) increase in the current annual budget of $20m (£10m) was confirmed Thursday. There was also the added news that $2m (£1m) of the BBC's film acquisition budget would be ring-fenced for British films.

The news of the increase comes as part of BBC Director General Mark Thompson's six-year plan for the Corporation and has been confirmed by the BBC Trust.

BBC Films is the only branch of the BBC to have its budget raised at a time of wide-ranging and controversial cuts, prompted by the less-favourable-than-expected licence fee settlement. There are expected to be around 2,500 job losses at the BBC."

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