21 October, 2007


Broken Social Scene presents Kevin Drew

I have been boycotting a certain venue in Brum because the stage is too low and even at 6 feet tall I can only see the heads of bands unless I'm near the stage. But then my favourite band decided to play there and I ended up barging my way to the front.

I missed their previous visit to Birmingham, which was apparently legendary, but here it was just half the usual collective and in support of founder member Kevin Drew's "solo" album. And to make things worse the original lead guitarist broke his collar bone and was stuck in Scotland. They were thinking of cancelling the gig but instead flew in Jimmy of Metric from Toronto who didn't know all the songs. But it was still one of the best gigs I've been to.

And I still have the next full collective BSS album and tour to look forward to.

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew: "Spirit If"
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Fucked Up Kid (live)


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Chip Smith said...

Wow - there's some brillaint live footage here - puts my crappy attempts on the balcony at the Koko to shame!