17 October, 2007

Red Planet Prize Update

Red Planet Productions:

"Competition News Update
Tuesday/16/October 2007
We are still working our way through the thousands of entries, but
still hope to inform those who have made it through by the end of the
month. Thanks for your patience and keep your eye on the website for
further updates."


Another two weeks. Sweet.

I've had comments back on what I thought was my final draft. John thought it has gone from too slow to too fast. And this is what Marc said:

"John is right, perhaps, in his point about trying to fit too much plot into the pot. But I don't think that's a bad thing, particularly in a first draft as long as you are not sacrificing character and emotional heart. What it does give you is great pace when you are ruthless in cutting back.

Texture and banter is usually the first thing to go when editing and to keep it, it means making scenes and interchanges of dialogue do more than one thing at a time and that is really what you want in a script - making it more layered, more complex."

Knowing what I need to do and knowing how to do it are two completely different things but at least I have another week or so to try and figure it out.


Anonymous said...

Another unspecified delay.

Am getting really frustrated with their lack of adherence to a deadline. Why can't they set a specific date?
Am not impressed by the lack of professionalism on display by Red Planet.

Robin Kelly said...

I understand the frustration but it is the first time they have run the competition and glitches are to be expected. If they run it next year they will have a better idea of timings.

I'm not a fan of unprofessionalism (and that's an understatement) however, with Red Planet this delay is because they are trying to do things properly and aiming to give feedback. I'd rather that instead of them rushing the selection process to fit an estimated deadline.

Considering how other competitions are just a ways to make money or they don't bother to read all the entries, a few weeks shift in the timetable is nothing really, I reckon.