02 October, 2007


4 Talent

"PILOT is an opportunity for drama screenwriters to win the chance to have their work produced and screened on Channel 4.

We're inviting exciting, talented writers to submit a treatment for a six-part drama series, an outline for a pilot episode for that series, and a script for a sample scene from that episode.

12 writers will be selected to take part in a packed weekend of industry workshops and masterclasses. They will then be hot-housed in one of three Scottish independent production companies, where mentoring producers and Channel 4 script editors will help them develop their series idea and complete a first draft script. After eight weeks of paid training, each writer will pitch to a selection panel. Only one idea from each production team will be selected. These three writers, along with their producers, will hotfoot it down to Channel 4's HQ in London to pitch to 4Talent and the Channel's Commissioning Editor for Drama, Sophie Gardiner.

One creative team will head home with a £90,000 commission to produce a pilot episode of their drama series, including a fee for the winning writer to complete a final draft script."

"Include all of the following documents:

  • An outline for a 23-minute pilot drama that has series potential. Maximum four pages.
  • A script of a sample scene from that drama, up to one minute long. Maximum one page.
  • A treatment for a six-part series, of which the 23-minute pilot drama should form the first episode. Maximum two pages.
  • A completed application form
  • A completed diversity monitoring form"

Deadline: 23 November 2007


English Dave said...

Exciting, talented writers now have to ''win'' a spot on C4? I would have hoped that exiting and talented were enough without doing a dog and pony show.

Is Simon Cowell one of the judges?

Robin Kelly said...

I always wanted to meet Simon Cowell. So I could smack the smug off him.

I think this replaces C4's previous low budget, entry level, one-off, half-hour things but this time with more emphasis on creating a returnable series and on training as most of those half hours were shocking.