24 October, 2007

New writing group - London

From Kate Buchanan:

Off the Page
Bring your writing to life!

A workshop-style writing group focusing on writing for performance. The group would meet at Acton Library (west London), either fortnightly or monthly. The idea is to have a lively group where work is read out or performed, possibly by guest actors.

One of the most rewarding experiences of some screenwriting classes is to hear your work read by other people. You can hear the clunky dialogue and the bits of brilliance (!) quite clearly. After the reading there will be a chance for members of the group to give feedback.

Although all forms of writing are welcomed, the main focus will be on writing which is intended to be performed. This would include:

* Poetry
* Screenwriting
* Play writing
* Radio drama

In order to gauge whether the idea is worth pursuing, please take a moment to answer the following questions.


Would you be interested in joining this group? Yes/Maybe

How often could you commit to attending? Fortnightly/Monthly

What forms of writing would you be contributing? Poetry/ Scripts/ Fiction/ Non fiction

Any other comments.


Please reply to me: kateboo *AT* gmail. com

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