27 October, 2007

New life in WGA talks


"With time running out to prevent a strike, studio and networks have jumpstarted stalled contract talks with a streamlined proposal that flatly nixes a hike on residuals for DVDs, one of the WGA's key demands."

"The guild has insisted it won't discuss the other AMPTP proposals until they're modified to take so-called "rollbacks" off the table -- including the lack of coverage for new media distribution such as Internet streaming of movies and TV segs and cell-phone mobisodes; the right to credit any amounts due a writer against other payments; elimination of the requirement that writing credits appear in publicity and advertising; and restrictions in the ability of writers to exploit TV rights and reacquire screenplays."


The rollbacks are interesting especially the "elimination of the requirement that writing credits appear in publicity and advertising". With movie posters usually the director is on there three times and on the last time is in a little box to distinguish themselves.

At least talk of a strike and the prospect of their favourite TV shows being absent makes the general public realise that actors don't make up the dialogue and directors don't write the action.


Michael said...

Speaking of downloads, I'm not offering iTunes movies on my site until the writers are promised some form of compensation. Theatrical releases have clear limits. Downlaods have none. I don't think we should write them off at this stage.

Robin Kelly said...

I noticed you had done that Michael. Although I thought downloads were paid for - just at a very low rate.

Although the employers are now refusing to even talk about fair residuals for download and DVD.