22 October, 2007

Is it curtains for big British films?

The Times:

"Leaderless, underfunded and short on compelling subjects, British film-makers are up against it, thinks Stephen Frears. So, will he do anything about it?"

“I would certainly say a British film has to be that much better than an American one to get audiences. It has to climb the proverbial Everest. The public wants to see American films, mainly because Americans know how to make popular movies.”

"I find actresses to be uncomplaining and stoic. They also know their place in films. They are there to look pretty."


Anonymous said...

They know their place in films? They are there to look pretty?

Can I kill this man?!?!?!?!

Robin Kelly said...

I've asked a lawyer and this is a grey area. Due to what Frears said, his death could be considered 'justifiable murder' but it would depend on the jury and the judge.

I am unable to say, 'It might be worth a risk, go for it, go on, do it now' because I would get done for 'conspiracy to commit murder'.

Lucy said...

Hell I'll do it, the day I've had -- jail would pale in comparison.

So: what method catches your fancy? I was thinking about shove carrots up his rectum until his bowel and smaller intestine explodes, but I'm open to ideas.

Lucy said...

*shoving, even. SIGH.

Robin Kelly said...

Lucy, I can think of a far worse death: forcing him to watch Sammy and Rosie Get Laid