18 September, 2007

The Wireless Theatre Company

" I am emailing you to draw your attention to my new Audio Online Theatre Company, The Wireless Theatre Company.

This is a website which produces audio plays, books, comedy sketches, short stories and more to be downloaded to peoples' iPods, MP3 players, desktops and mobile phones direct from the site, for FREE - no registering, no payment, just click on the download button and enjoy the drama! This brings radio drama to the kids with the iPods, and gets older generations to enjoy the world wide web and keep this wonderful medium alive.

As an on-going project, we are uploading on average two plays a month and we pride ourselves on producing new and exciting writing, stuff you haven't heard before from new actors. We are a new company, but we're doing well so far - with a great hit rate - and we're planning to record a whole season of Shakespeare Plays along with other classics to go along with the National Curriculum.

We are interested in submissions from actors, writers and anyone who has a love for audio theatre. The Company is also interested in showcasing plays which have already been recorded, providing they are of high quality and enjoyable!

Please do have a browse around the site and have a listen to the great stuff we have on there already.

And we are open to any suggestions, feedback or indeed donations!

I hope you enjoy it.

Kind regards

Mariele Runacre Temple
Artistic Director "

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