02 September, 2007


I've been blog-tagged by Pillock to name five genres or sub-genres, and say which song or songs I'd put on the soundtrack.

Romantic Comedy

At the end when the main character realises they are about to lose their true love...

Snow Patrol - "Open Your Eyes"


Science Fiction

A spaceship crew are stranded on an unknown planet and see aliens at work in the distance...

Tujiko Noriko - "Fly"



Main character goes back to their home town for a funeral...

Au Revoir Simone - "Sad Song"



The copper has pursued the suspect into a packed nightclub...

Justice - "D.A.N.C.E."



A couple gather weapons to tackle the undead...

Enter Shikari - "Sorry You're Not a Winner"

1 comment:

Pillock said...

Fantastic! I loved all of those. I really need to get out more, musically.