25 September, 2007

Red Planet Prize Update

"Competition News Update

The Red Planet Prize screenwriting competition closed on 1st September. We’re working our way through the many many entries now and hope to inform the finalists mid-October that we need full scripts.

Due to the weight of entries we won’t be able to give individual feedback to all who don’t make it so keep an eye on the website for a general announcement.

Thank you so much for taking part!"


An extra two weeks to rewrite our scripts. Sweet.


Anonymous said...


Especially as my computer died the death last Wednesday. Unfortunately, the nice man at the computer place still hasn't told me if he was able to get my data back (floppy drive wasn't working, no burner and I couldn't figure out how to send it to a "stick" much less get the poor old thing to recognise one..).

So looks like I'll have to re-start from scratch...from my temporary workstation in the kitchen.



At least with this new computer, I'll be able to back up my files on the first of the month...

Anonymous said...

Does the reference to 'feedback' and a 'general announcement' mean they won't e-mail you at all if they don't want the full script? Ie no news is bad news?

Robin Kelly said...

Anon1, I hope you do manage to get your data recovered. Although I found, when it happened to me, that having to start from scratch resulted in a better script as you're not so tied to your first version. Just a glimmer of hope :-)

Anon2, I think they're just talking about feedback. I wasn't expecting any feedback at all if I wasn't shortlisted but from what they seem to be saying, they will feedback to the longlisted and give general advice about why the other scripts didn't reach that far.

Dan said...

Great stuff -- as I've been stuck with the last 15 pages for a few weeks now and I've grown disenchanted with a subplot. Oh, and the whole thing could do with a 2 week polish. I really hope Red Planet give us longer next year. Or I'll submit a 30-page script, not a 55!

John Soanes said...

Extra polishing time, then? Can't be a bad thing!

Anonymous said...

That's what I've been thinking...however, you can't change the first ten pages, and I'm not sure I have a copy of that anywhere else. So I've emailed them to request a copy back with a brief explanation. Hoping it doesn't put me out of the running for being so...lame?

Getting to grips with the new computer, the new ISP and now all I have to do is get another copy of Sophocles....

Oh and did I mention that we discovered a HUGE sheet of plastic in the roof void (decided to use the down time to clear out the den and was looking for some storage space and wondering about the little drip I had noticed in the den about 6 months back) that was doubling as a bucket? A rather FULL bucket?

We had NO idea...soooo glad we found it before I set the new computer up in the place where it's most likely to leak....

You know - at first - I was GUTTED. But now...I'm almost glad.



Robin Kelly said...

Have you had any feedback on your script?

I was going to suggest contacting your ISP as the sent emails (with the scripts) might still be on their server (as they are with webmail) even though it is a pop3 download account. But if you've dumped your ISP they might not feel so obliged to help ;-)