15 September, 2007

Paul Laverty interview

Shooting Screenwriters:

Andy Conway:

"The latest Shooting Screenwriters episode is now available for your listening pleasure and this time I'm talking to screenwriter Paul Laverty all about the screenplays he's written for Ken Loach, including his latest "It's a Free World" which will be broadcast on Channel 4 this month and has just won the Best Screenplay award at the Venice Film Festival.

I caught up with Paul in a noisy bar in Edinburgh last month and also recorded his 'In Person' session earlier in the day, a couple of extracts from which I've included in the show.

This one's shorter than previous shows as I'm trying to now get them all into a nice half hour slot. Paul clocks in at a svelte 24 minutes.

If you want to listen to it (and what possible reason could you have not to?), then go here and simply right-click, and 'Save target as' and download it to your computer."

Paul Laverty:

"It was a great relief actually to be liberated from just talking about ideas and actually choose character. Imagine a person, give them a name, give them an age; the endless choices any screenwriter has to make. Where's the half of the story? Where's the premise? Where do you start? Where do you go?

And I actually found it absolutely fascinating and it was like a drug. I really did got such a high out of it. Just by the writing process. I found it really got the old neurons dancing and I enjoyed the process a great deal."

"It's a Free World" screens on Channel 4 on 24 September and is released on DVD on 1 October.

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Brilliant reviews!