02 September, 2007

A mountain to climb

The Guardian:

People with disabilities get a raw deal on TV. That's why Mark Haddon wanted Coming Down The Mountain 'beamed into the nation's living rooms'

"I started working on Coming Down The Mountain about seven years ago, as an afternoon play for Radio 4. It's so long ago I can't even remember how the idea came about. Something about the voice, probably. In this case the voice of a teenage boy called Ben with Down's syndrome. It's nearly always something about a voice. Like most writers, I'm repeatedly being asked how I get inside people's heads. But I rarely feel that I'm inside a character's head. Being in the same room, that's the secret. Hearing them talking. Knowing what they're going to say next. Get the voice right and you can make an audience believe almost anything."

"Coming Down The Mountain", Sunday, 9:00pm, BBC1

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