06 August, 2007

Writing Workshops - Bowness-on-Solway

A series of workshops are being held next month by award-winning television and radio scriptwriter Jim Eldridge.

The script workshops will cover writing for film, TV and radio and examine the creation of a story, characters, dialogue; writing for location filming and studio;different script formats, and team-writing, which is used on a large proportion of UK and US TV serials.

Each workshop will deal with the business side as well as the creative side of writing.

Workshops will be held in Bowness-on-Solway on
  • Saturday, September 1, writing for film and TV (advanced);
  • Sunday, September 2, writing for film and TV;
  • Saturday, September 8, writing comedy and drama for radio;
  • Sunday, September 9, developing characters and stories;
  • Saturday, September 15, writing comedy and drama for radio (advanced);
  • Sunday, September 16: teamwriting;
  • Saturday, September 22: writing books and getting published.

Jim Eldridge has been a scriptwriter for 35 years and had more than 500 scripts broadcast in the UK and across the world. He has also had 60 books published and tutored scriptwriting for the BBC.

The workshops, which cost £29 per person per day, are limited to 10 people per workshop in order for everyone to receive individual attention. For more information contact Jim Eldridge at jimeldridge *AT* jimeldridge.force9.co.uk, call 016973 52246 or visit www.jimeldridge.com.


Lucy said...

Where in the name of bloody hell is this place? You've made it up, haven't you. Remember = death ray.

Robin Kelly said...

It's on the north Cumbrian coast, near Hadrian's Wall, Lucy. I thought everyone knew that.

Lucy said...

No only LOCAL people like you, Robin! ; )

Anonymous said...

Lucy....thrppt! I've been to Jim's workshops....in fact I'm going to two in September because they're soooo good.

It's on the map, you know...a little over an hour from where I live, depending on how many tourists you're willing to run over...fun, fun, fun!



Thank you!