26 August, 2007


I'm down with the kids (but not in a Chris Langham way) so I know about the resurgence of the underage music scene in the UK which culminated in the Underage Festival in London a couple of weeks ago.

Although I love all types of music, I am at heart a straight edge punker and so I am chuffed that so many young people are going to gigs for the music not to get pissed. And more importantly so many have been inspired to create their own bands rather than just passively consume whatever corporate crap is fed to them.

To be honest I haven't had time to check out the bands in the UK but I've been a fan of the following two youngster bands from the USA for a while.

I was initially sceptical of kids playing music as they don't have the life experience but the following two indie bands are not just good for kids but good full stop.


Chloe and Asya are sisters from Seattle and they are quite brilliant. I alternate between being amazed at their talent to being jealous of their talent. They've provided two quality albums.

"Find A Way":


Tiny Masters of Today

Ivan and Ada are a brother and sister from Brooklyn. While not as accomplished in songwriting ability as Smoosh are still worth checking out.


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Dan said...

Great stuff! Not sure about the name "Underage Festival" though...surely something a little less patronising (and a little cooler) could've been used. How can you be underage where music is concerned?

Robin Kelly said...

That's a good point, 'underage' is relating to alcohol not music and it probably needs something music-specific.