09 August, 2007

The New York Times Blows It

I'm sort of embarrassed posting that New York Times article about the forthcoming contract negotiations and even more embarrassed for wondering, if only for a moment, whether the ignorant journo was right. Craig Mazin sets him straight.

The Artful Writer:

"So far, the WGA-AMPTP negotiations have gone pretty much how I expected. Both sides started very far apart, and any perceptible motion seems to indicate a widening of the gap. No one seriously expected a deal to be brokered; everyone’s working under the assumption that the WGA will work past expiration, and the AMPTP won’t really start bargaining until they have to face SAG or the DGA.

Still, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for journalists unfamiliar with our industry to lob Molotov cocktails of fiery ignorance into the breach. Ladies and gents, I give you Brooks Barnes and his artitorial on residuals in the New York Times."

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