15 August, 2007

Fox gives top writers gross points


"In a highly unusual move for a major, 20th Century Fox aims to entice a dozen top screenwriters to bring original spec scripts to the studio in exchange for gross participation if the pics get made.

The writers, who'll take small upfront payments and will get only their usual fees on films that go into production, will also be guaranteed input as producers and protection from being rewritten without their permission. Fox production co-presidents Emma Watts and Alex Young are spearheading the effort.

Fox's push centers around a collective scribe venture dubbed Writing Partners, which is comprised of Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio ("Pirates of the Caribbean," "Shrek"); Michael Arndt ("Little Miss Sunshine"); John August ("Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"); Stuart Beattie ("Collateral"); Michael Brandt and Derek Haas ("3:10 to Yuma"); Tim Herlihy ("The Wedding Singer"); Simon Kinberg ("Mr. & Mrs. Smith," "X-Men: The Last Stand"); Craig Mazin ("Scary Movie 3" and "4"); and Marianne & Cormac Wibberley ("National Treasure" and its sequel).

Fox's deal requires that each scribe or team generate at least one spec within four years."


Lucy said...

I'd be well upfor that! Do you reckon Fox'd take me???

Robin Kelly said...

I'd be up for it as well, I can just about manage one spec in four years. Let's email Fox, Lucy, No harm in asking.

Lucy said...

Have you got their email address?

I'm serious, even if you're not punk... ; )

Robin Kelly said...

Can't find an e-addy but here's the snail and digits:

Fox Studios
10201 Pico Boulevard
Century City, CA. 90064

General Phone Number:

Although let's promise that if either of us gets the deal, and the other doesn't, that there won't be any gloating or jealousy.