17 August, 2007

Conservatives are less creative than liberals

British Psychological Society:

"People who hold conservative views tend to lack creativity relative to more liberal-minded people, according to a new psychology study."

I didn't say it, please don't shoot the messenger. Literally, because all you conservatives love guns.


Oli said...

Ah, but do they genuinely lack creativity, or do they just censor themselves before it hits the page/canvas/whatever?

Robin Kelly said...

I don't think self-censorship is exclusive to conservatives just as creativity isn't exclusive to liberals (Wagner made wonderful music, Hitler made OK paintings) but the research seems more to do with the conservative conceptual map and the values considered important.

Oli said...

Hmmm... I don't think of bug-fuck murderous far righters as conservatives, with a big or little c. I think there's something kind of non-conservative about being far-right. It's not... seemly, which seems to be the putting ground of your average English Tory.

I was thinking more of your David Camerons and John Redwoods, or for that matter non political 'conservatives' like most people's grans.

To use screenwriting as an example: my point was along the line of a conservative is less likely to include gay sex in their script, for example, than a liberal. A liberal would be happier to include right-wing behaviour in their scripts, although admittedly mostly to satirize it. Therefore the liberal writer has a greater pallet to draw from (one mixed metaphor, sir?)

Now, I know there's loads of holes in my point - the many conservative gay people, for example, or the more far-left who equally self-censor, but I think the point holds water. Like a dinghy, maybe, rather than a proper boat.

martin said...

See Stephen Tompkinson's rant in Brassed Off for a full explanation as to why this is ;)

Anonymous said...

Another thing, conservatives treat creative people like shit. If you're among conservatives, you have to give it up.