07 July, 2007

Training for screenwriters

Julian Friedmann, agent and editor of ScriptWriter magazine, discusses the effectiveness of screenwriting courses and what is really important. I couldn't agree more.

(Other Screenwriter's Network video is available here )


Anonymous said...

Pity Julian doesn't have the courtesy to respond (even after a polite follow up email) to scripts that HE HIMSELF requests.

Andy Conway said...

Thanks for linking to it, Robin. I got back from Cheltenham last night and collapsed into bed. I'm going to keep putting videos up from the festival over the next week or until I've exhausted the ten hours of tape. Lots more interesting stuff to come.

Robin Kelly said...

It does seem rude, Anon but, although I don't know the details, the industry standard of response is to only reply when interested. Politeness is an unexpected bonus.