28 July, 2007

Tony Jordan interviews

Shooting Screenwriters Podcasts:

"You have to ask yourself, why you are you writing? What do you want to achieve as a writer? What I want to achieve as a writer is I want to write something and put a little bit of my heart and soul on the page, and then I want to touch the maximum number of people I can with that, I want to make 10 million people cry all at the same time, I want to make 10 million people laugh all at the same instant. Imagine Wembley - which holds 80-90 000 people - imagine the roar of them all laughing at one gag and then imagine what 10 million sounds like. That does it for me. I get turned on by that."

"Start with character, worry about story later. Don't create character to service story, create story to service character."

The Guardian:

"There's this popular misconception that writers on soaps are somehow second or third tier writers. The people who say that are morons. Soap writers don't have to be stroked and loved, but stop treating them like second-class citizens, like they're somehow the dirty end of our industry. There are some directors who wouldn't dirty their hands directing EastEnders. Well fuck you, I wouldn't dirty my hands writing for you."

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