29 July, 2007



Are you a whooper? Do you shout and yelp? I don't mean in bed, I mean at gigs. Not at the end of songs but during them and when the artist is talking. I don't mean little involuntary yelps of pleasure but hollering which states "I am just as important as the artist and punctuating the songs with my loud shouting is necessary."

If you are that person then leave my blog now. Go on, go. I need all the readers I can get but I'm not that desperate that I will allow such low-life anti-social inconsiderate scum to stay. Murderers can stay reading though, your crime isn't as bad.

It's testament to how good Feist is live that the whooping wanker didn't completely ruin her gig last Sunday in Brum. She is a legend. She's funny, sweet and plays a mean guitar. Actually she played two mean guitars.

There was a couple there who had their first date at her previous gig in spring of 2005 and had just got married. Feist made them slow dance together on stage. It was to a beautiful song but she had to apologise for the lyrics which were about accepting the break up of a relationship and began "Let it die..."

Feist is part of awesome Canadian supergroup Broken Social Scene and is perhaps best known for Mushaboom which was used in two different commercials at the same time although she turned down a million for McDonalds to use it.

Her last two proper albums are highly recommended Let It Die and The Reminder. (links to Amazon where you can get both for less than £12)


Mushaboom (from Let It Die)

1 2 3 4 (from The Reminder)

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