22 July, 2007


What was galling about the coverage of Paris Hilton's recent wrongful incarceration was how she was portrayed as a heiress who just lives off her family's money. But she has lived off her own money since she was 18 and works very hard.

I am aware that my brilliant screenplays may mean I will need to visit California to meet with top agents and directors but I refuse to go there until the State apologise for sending Paris to prison and gives her a pardon. Even though Paris was crying in court, they still insisted that she do the sentence, which is just outrageous. I wrote to Amnesty about the case but they haven't replied yet.

Paris is multi-talented with the acting, writng and modelling and she added making a stunning debut album to that list. I was in a club and people were dancing away to Stars are Blind and then when people found out who it was by they went all cool and trendy and denied they enjoyed it. No matter what you think of her, good music is good music.

There was a made up story in The Sun about how the album was a flop and she was dropped from the label which got eagerly reported as fact all around the world but Paris is currently recording the follow-up. Here are some songs from that first album. Enjoy.

Stars are Blind:

Nothing in This World:


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