02 July, 2007

Business Cards

I hope all those heading to the Screenwriters Festival this week have a fun and productive time.

I'm curious, but have you had business cards done? Can we have a show of hands? Who has? And who hasn't? Most of you haven't, interesting. I'm not saying that's wrong, it's just... well, I thought I wouldn't need them either but you just end up end up writing down contact details all the time which is a pain.

I think even if you're shy you should still get them done, so if you can't talk to anyone you can at least slip the card into people's pockets and then scurry off. It works for me. Apart from the 7 and a half times producers thought I was a pickpocket.

I would suggest that even if you're pre-professional that you put down "Screenwriter" or "Scriptwriter" (if you write for performance across the board) on the card. Maybe you haven't been paid for writing scripts yet but I think that pre-professionals have to act just like professionals. Which means not only presenting our work well but ourselves well. Are we someone people can work with?

I would advise against home made computer business cards. Unless you really can't tell the difference between them and printed cards - from the print quality to the cut edges.

Vistaprint offer 250 cards free but the turnaround is a bugger, it's quick but not quick enough for this week, I don't think.

Goodprint are offering 48 hour turnaround for a fiver.

Unitedprint also offer 250 cards free but I don't know what their turnaround is.

Alternatively, there's actually going into a printers in the high street and getting them done. I know, shopping on the high street - it'll never catch on. There's also those Photo-me Business Card Machines which you see in shopping malls and railway stations.

Oh, and read this post and this post by Danny on networking before you go.

Anyway, just a suggestion. No pressure. Have a good time.


Andy Conway said...

You gonna be there, Robin?

I collected my cards this afternoon. 250 of them, fresh from the local printers. Even though I'm still trying to sort out my domain name I thought getting these printed with the temporary details was better than nothing. And well worth the 50 quid.

Oh, and it does say 'Screenwriter' under my name.

Robin Kelly said...

I won't be there this year, I couldn't get organised in time. But next year's one had better be as good as this year's. I look forward to your podcasts.

Meredith said...

You can also get great business cards from Ooprint They have creative designs, or you can even upload your own artwork, logo, or photo to their business cards. They offer FREE business cards as well. They print within 24 hours and you can get very fast delivery with DHL. I recently ordered from Ooprint and am quite happy with my cards!