01 July, 2007

Back Up Your Files Day

It's the first of the month which means it's Back Up Your Files day.
Never heard of it? That's because I've just made it up. James mentioned the importance of backing up on his blog ages ago but I only do a full back up every few months. Making it the first of every month should help me to remember.

Of course when I'm working on a script, I save every ten minutes and I back it up daily - simply by copying it across to my USB flash drive/memory stick. Actually I have two flash drives and copy it across to both. Takes much less time than writing it all out again from scratch. But what about finished scripts, notes, research bookmarks, articles and photos of Paris Hilton?

There is back-up software - both shareware and otherwise - which does it automatically, but just burning it all to a DVD will do. Ideally you should keep the copy in another room or at work or in the car or at a relative's or in your bank in a safe deposit box, like I do. It can save so much future hassle for so very little present-day hassle.

You might think that keeping my writing files at a bank is over-the-top but can you imagine the huge impact on history should my writing be lost forever? It's too shocking to contemplate. It's like, what if Shakespeare's plays hadn't been printed?

While your writing isn't as important as mine - don't worry about it, nothing to be ashamed of - don't be casual about backing it up.

I think that ideally should your computer crash or be nicked, the emotional impact should be negligible as anything important should be on a CD, DVD, flash drive or external hard-drive and can be restored easily.

Don't delay, do it today. It is Back Up Your Files Day, after all.

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potdoll said...

are you saying you have back-ups in your bank?

TonyB said...

I did try sending my backups to the bank but all I received was the following:

Dear Tonyb,

Many thanks for sending us your latest backup, which we enjoyed reading.

Unfortunately it's not quite what we're looking for at this time (and anyway we've already got loads of groovy backups from that nice Mr Kelly).

Please keep us informed of any future backups you might be developing and meanwhile good luck for the future.

Yours sincerely,
Jasper Jay
Senior Backups Editor.

Ah well ;)
PS Yo Potsie!

Lee said...

I rarely need reminders to back up, which meant I originally misread this post as Zip Up Your Flies Day. Which I thought was very useful, so thanks. Usually I completely forget and don't notice until little girls start crying.

potdoll said...


Tony you made SNOT FLY DOWN MY NOSE THEN! And I'm in a cafe. v embarrassing.

Where have you been? working away?

I email my backups to myself on gmail.

when i remember...

potdoll said...


Robin Kelly said...

Pots, do I detect a note of scepticism in your tone? Everything I say on my blog and in my comments is 100% true.

Tony, sorry to hear that disappointing news. Don't let the bankers get you down.

Lee, ironically I did need a "zip up your flies" reminder at church today, it was my solo for the choir. It wasn't until the women started fainting that I realised something was wrong as my singing voice isn't that impressive. And yes that is true, Pots, before you start.

potdoll said...


You do tell some tall stories Robin Kelly