21 June, 2007

Play & Record

Play & Record is a composite broken comedy show for BBC7, made up of sketches, characters, songs, and other odds and ends from a wide range of writers and performers. It's intended to introduce new talent to BBC7, so one thing we are definitely looking for is writers who have yet to have material performed on the radio.

It might be standalone sketches, sketches that could return week on week, sketches that could develop a thread through a show... characters who might appear repeatedly... cartoonish serials... The brief is really very wide.

We are looking for strong, joke-heavy material that will make listeners laugh a lot. It's very hard to say what we want exactly (funny, a bit different, lots of jokes). Basically, Play and Record is supposed to be a scratchpad for new material, so if it's funny, it will go in.

Each show will have four performers (2 male and 2 female) which is a factor you might want to bear in mind when writing.

Please send one or two sketches which you think are your very best work. If we like those, we'll get back to you for more. Longer submissions, outlines, or sketch ideas will not be read - sorry, but we just don't have the time.

Please email any questions or submissions for Play & Record to the producer: victoria.lloyd*AT*bbc.co.uk

The series will be recorded in London and Scotland in August/September for transmission this Autumn on BBC7.

Deadline: 9:00am on Monday 16 July 2007.

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