03 June, 2007

New Scottish Drama from BBC Scotland and Scottish Screen

BBC Scotland Television Drama and Scottish Screen are launching a new slate of television plays - an exciting returnable brand of 60 minute single films of up to a maximum of £450,000 for broadcast on BBC Scotland.

Their goal is to produce drama from Scotland that will stand up against the very best of drama from around the globe. Ideas that could spin off into series are particularly welcomed.

All ideas must be submitted by a producer with a track record in film or television.

Your submission should include a detailed outline of your idea (4 / 5 pages approx.) along with a writing sample, producer’s CV / company resume and details of any other key talent or relevant information.

For further information and details of how to submit an idea, please contact: gaynor.holmes*at*bbc.co.uk

They hope to produce up to 3 films in 2007/8.

Deadline: 14 September 2007

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