12 June, 2007

Horror Screenplay Competition

Zoobody.com and producer Michael Meltzer are re-launching their horror screenplay competition due to the overwhelming response after the original deadline. The new deadline will be Midnight on July 4th, 2007, sign up at Zoobody.com.

Previous submissions are still actively reviewed for the competition, but if you feel that you didn't submit your best due to the tight deadline, you may revise or upgrade your treatment/script online at Zoobody.com.

"So many scripts came in after the deadline we felt we really needed to give the competition a little more time," says Zoobody CEO Dan Faiman.

Zoobody.com has also decided to utilize its technology to open the competition to not only treatments, but users can post trailers, clips, or images, to help pitch their film. Since Zoobody.com is trying to open access to Hollywood, film producer Michael Meltzer will be interacting and commenting to the users about their scripts.

"I am looking forward to the one on one interaction with the Zoobody users. This will allow me to help the users make a better product," says film producer Michael Meltzer.

Previous horror script submissions included Australia, Japan, and South America. The deadline for submissions is Midnight, July 4th, 2007. Log on to Zoobody.com to create a profile and upload your script. Zoobody.com

Web site: http://zoobody.com/

Deadline: 4 July 2007

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