13 June, 2007

Film Financing: The Business of Getting your Film Made

Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th July, 9.30 - 5.30pm,
Central London
£195 + VAT


A two-day course on the current climate of film finance to provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to finance feature films - from low budget features that break all the rules to multi-million pound, international co-productions. Presented by producer and financier Alan Harris with guest industry speakers, this intensive but informal course develops your knowledge of different film financing techniques and funding sources. It enables you to understand the film marketplace and the key factors essential to getting feature films made, including:

* Sources of production finance: - what’s available, how to increase your film’s chances of getting it and how to combine it
* Financing overview: demystifying financial terminology and jargon; finance plans; recoupment schedules; packaging; rights
* Case studies: 2 producers talk about making their low and medium budget films
* International co-production: how to make it work
* Sales, marketing and distribution: the role they play in getting your film funded
* Demystifying financing and legal facts, figures and terminology
* How to close the deal: key legal issues you need to know
* Guest speakers: - leading financiers, distributors and fund executives

Who's it for?

Producers, writers, directors and anyone who wants to learn film financing fundamentals and understand how their work fits into the business of making films

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