23 May, 2007

List of Producers and Films

I was unable to make it to Cannes this year for lots of reasons, mostly the "couldn't be arsed" one.

However, The Film Council has helpfully listed all the British films for sale and all the producers at Cannes this year.

I'm not a foreign distributor with countless cash to cough up for content but it's useful to know what kinds of films get made and which producers to target with a particular genre. There's also a list of the national and regional screen agencies for funding.

The Cannes 2007 downloads include lists of sales companies, accountants, distributors, education and training, financiers, management consultants,media lawyers, national and regional screen agencies, organisations, post production, studios and facilities and PR companies going to Cannes.

Although it's probably not a good idea to bombard all the prodcos with unsolicited first drafts. A nice polite query letter in the first instance is recommended, where you give a short synopsis of your script. That gives them a general idea if it's something that's right for them or not. If they like the sound of it they'll ask to see the script. And then make sure the script is so polished you can see your face in it.

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