23 May, 2007

Big Day

"Comedy drama series following the course of a wedding day from a number of different perspectives. Danny and Alice's big day has arrived, but complications soon arise for the happy couple as their friends and family begin to turn up for the occasion."

If you've seen The Worst Week of My Life then this US comedy will seem strangely familiar. Although their inspiration is obvious, it's actually all rather uninspired.

The premise is that we see the preparations for a wedding in real time so you have the groom and his troubled relationship with the in-laws, the wedding planner, the maid of honor and the best man, etc contributing lots of conflicts and problems in various sub-plots.

That all sounds very good on paper as a structure - but it's let down by the weak characters and stories and so the comedy ends up being weak is well. The pilot is worth watching but, as an example, consider how lame the losing the contact lens thing is. That's like a ropey first draft gag you hope to substitute for something better in future drafts but couldn't think of anything.

It's not hateable and you can't help feeling some goodwill towards it solely due to the marrying couple themselvees but its cancellation was easy to predict from seeing this pilot.

Tuesday 22 May
10:45pm - 11:15pm (and repeated Friday at 8:00pm)