01 April, 2007


Because compiling music for your films is more important than writing them.

Although I need my pop, I also need my rock. Sticking with Japan, I need to get these two bands in my movies somehow.

the pillows

This band gained attention outside Japan due to their excellent soundtrack to the adult anime series FLCL. They have been going since 1989 and are probably the biggest and best rock band from Japan. They would probably also secure a good placing on the all time world list.

Official site

The Mad Capsule Markets

I bought their album 010 thinking that they were a new band but the album was their tenth (hence the title). It wasn't just that I hadn't heard of them before that led to that assumption but their sound was a fresh fast brilliant techno/punk clash.

Unfortunately they are on a break and are persuing solo projects but that's OK, there's enough tracks to choose from for my films. "Fly High" off 010 for the big car chase, for sure.

Unofficial site

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