10 April, 2007


TonyB emailed me a few weeks back asking if I knew of a website which offered a sort of 'my films' facility where you could add films you're interested in and get an email when they're released in your area, because often the most interesting films have a limited distribution.

I hadn't heard of such a site but it was such a good idea, I thought of starting one myself and becoming a dot.com millionaire. But, to all those who say there's no virtue in laziness and lack of ambition, it's lucky I didn't progress the idea further as TonyB now informs me that just such a website has started and is, spookily, called myfilms.

I'll let TonyB explain:

"It's a recent start-up funded by The Film Council with lottery money, plus private companies such as Love Film. The site concentrates on art house films rather than blockbusters, although all popular films are covered. It does what I wanted - you can set up a wishlist of upcoming films you want to see, as well as a favourite films section.

If a film comes to your area you get an email alerting you. They are also setting up a mobile add-on so that the whole site will work on your mobile and allow you to receive mobile text alerts too.
The sign up is free - it takes about half an hour to set up a profile but it's worth it because the system then recommends films that suit your taste - it works well.

Films are well detailed - professional and user reviews, trailers and venues. There isn't a huge database of classic films - the site only started recently and seems to focus on current and future films, as opposed to being a definitive film database."

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TonyB said...

Thanks Robin.

Funnily enough the idea of starting up such a site crossed my mind too (and the millionaire bit!).

I was almost disappointed to actually find the 'My Films' site and had been on the verge of drafting a letter to Dragons' Den!

Ah well.

'My Films' is a good resource though - the more I explore it the more I like it.

For instance, there's a film called 'The Lives of Others', all about the Stasi in East Germany, which I want to see and had on my wishlist. I got an email today to say that it was opening near me on Friday. Excellent!