09 April, 2007

I Really Shouldn't Be Doing This...

Hi, My Name is Matt and I'm a Screenwriter:

"Now, I’m hardly breaking down all the doors in Hollywood, but I have had a few writer successes in my career. And any bit of success I’ve carved out for myself never came from any “trick” that I could remember.

...Okay, check that –

I really shouldn’t be doing this…

It’ll go against the secret regulations and conventions of all screenwriters who have actually made money performing their craft. I may be banned from the secret screenwriter’s society (so secret, that I can’t even mention the name of the organization).

Here it is -- here’s the “trick”…Oh, man, I’m gonna be in the deep doo-doo now with the others in the group.

The trick is…

Write, write, and WRITE some more. And that does not mean writing one (singular) screenplay over and over again. Write several different spec screenplays. That’s the “trick.” Get the words out of your head, through your fingers, and onto the page. Rinse, wash and repeat -- and repeat again, and again, and again.

And reality check time, people -- Having talent for story telling is a kinda-sorta good thing to possess, too."

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