30 April, 2007

Five Goals

1) I wasn't really a fan of ex-Cardiff striker Cammy Jerome who hasn't really justified the £3 million we paid for him but he's a young player and is improving all the time. However, his winning goal against Wolves in the last minute was one of the greatest goals ever scored. Well, it seemed like that at the time.

2) We were down to ten men against the Owls and I thought all was lost. It was such a lovely day as well. I hate when nice spring days are spoilt by losing football matches. Then Cammy came on as a sub and put us 1-0 ahead. Now I'm not only a fan of his but I want his babies. What's extra funny is that the Cardiff fans took the piss out of him earlier in the season when they were league leaders and they spanked us. Although pleased that Cardiff won't even be in the playoffs this season I am annoyed that the current Cardiff chairman is responsible for the sad demise of Leeds and yet, rather than leave football forever in shame for his shocking antics in Yorkshire, he got involved with another club.

3) I like solid workmanlike players so Seb Larsson's lack of fireworks doesn't bother me as much as my mates but now after his awesome goal to put Blues 2-0 up, I will expect fireworks on a regular basis in the premier league. We go back to the top of the league.

4) My Midlands loyalty has taken a battering this season as I wanted an all Midlands play-offs and promoted but I have had to hope our neighbours lose recently as it has been really close at the top. Now it's Sunday and I'm watching a London club and a Midlands club and cheering the cockneys to win. And they're not even a nice cockney club like QPR or Brentford but Crystal Palace, our bitter enemies since we poached their manager. The pools panel gave Derby an away win and I was expecting the same. But the Derby who exhilarated and terrified me in the middle of the season was still missing from action.

When we were struggling to score goals it seemed like every striker Steve Bruce had sold off was scoring loads of goals. Including Clinton Morrison. So for him to be the one who broke the deadlock against Derby and give us hope was a great feeling. Once a bluenose always a bluenose.

5) Man of the match Mark Kennedy finished off Derby with his goal and that's when the celebrations really started - for the pessimists in the pub. The optimists had foolishly been celebrating since Morrison's goal.

And no, I have never called for Steve Bruce's sacking, that campaign was shameful. Although we should have been safe a long time ago, to be honest for the sake of my heart. But what fun would football be without the rollercoaster of emotions, the ups and downs, the heroes and villains? We want to incite those emotions with our writing. (See, it was on-topic after all)

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