05 April, 2007

European Writing Competition of Film Concept

Deadline: 15 May 2007

The Brussels European Film Festival (FFFB) launches its second contest of film concepts! Are you a screenwriter or film director with an excellent film concept? Have you made no more than one feature film? The festival would like to hear from you!

Two winners will be invited for the weekend in Europe’s capital to receive their prizes (the software « Movie Magic Screenwriter » or « J'écris un Film ») at the Festival’s Awards Ceremony held on July 7, 2007. They will have the opportunity to meet producers and other film professionals.

How to participate?
Send the following documents, written in English, French or Dutch:
1. Film concept or story idea (3 pages maximum)
2. Author’s biography and photograph (in jpeg format)
3. Author's intention (1 page maximum): imagine you have to sell your concept to a producer and describe its cinematographic strengths

Entries must be sent before May 15, 2007 to:
FFFB asbl - Concept Competition
Place Flagey, 7 - 1050 Brussels (Belgium)
Or by e-mail to: script *AT* fffb.be

Click here to download the regulations for 2007. (PDF)


Lucy said...

I know I'm a techno-tit, but when they say the photo has to be in jpeg format, does this mean it have to be on disk?? Or just NOT a passport photo?? Confused...

Robin Kelly said...

It has to be digital so it can be on a disk but you can also email it.

Any decent photo or desktop publishing software should be able to save as or convert a photo to the ".jpg" format. It's the standard format for photo files on websites.