12 April, 2007

Dmitry Lipkin, "The Riches", interview

This quite good new US TV comedy-drama is currently causing a bidding war between ITV, C4 and Five.

Jewish Exponent:

""The show is so much about identity," says its creator, who concedes that when it comes to social acceptance, Jews and gypsies have a shared history of inhospitable "housewarmings" by those who have pulled the welcome mat out from under them."

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iggy said...

i rented the first season of The Riches and watched it for the first time last night. i'm completely blown away by it. i am a jew, born and raised in kishinev, moldova, and as a kid, had frequent encounters with gypsies. they came to our house, asking for water or a piece of bread. and our parents always told us to beware of them because they stole. but i thought they were though a bit spooky, a very exciting bunch. and i was a little drawn to them. since then, i'be traveled the world, and felt like one myself. this show is the first show i've seen on tv that captures the precarious life of a gypsy, or of any human, for that matter. in every situation, they're hanging by a thread. it's so incredibly precious. beautiful, really. and when i saw the writer's name in credits, i thought, of course, the guy must be a russian jew. :)