05 April, 2007

Bond 22 script crisis

The James Bond Dossier:

"Earlier this month MI6 reported that Roger Michell had spoken a little more about his reason for not pursuing Bond 22.

“We couldn’t find a way of making us all happy with the script. It’s been through various drafts, but I just decided to say no before I got too far into it”, he reportedly said."


Lucy said...

Does this mean they will abandon the project and never grace us with a James Bond ever again???

Robin Kelly said...

They make so much money with the franchise I'm guessing it's maybe probably unlikely. Sorry to crush your hopes.

But isn't it good that even though they could produce any old rubbish like they did before and make almost as much money, now they want to maintain the high standard of Casino Royale?

Lucy said...

Um...no. I think they all suck ass my friend. SUCK AND BLOW. Bloody androcentric crap.