17 March, 2007


Ensemble dramas have been popular this season due to the success of Lost and each have tried to find some way of connecting the different people and holding it together. Trapping them on an island is the easiest way, Windfall links 20 friends and acquaintances who share a lottery win.

However those ensemble dramas (with one exception) have failed to get high enough ratings and have been cancelled or put on hiatus. Just like this one. It was tried out in the summer (or dumped in the summer more likely) and, although it completed its run, there won’t be a second series.

The problem with ensemble dramas is that there may be too many characters and stories for the audience to keep track of and those characters and stories have got to be interesting, obviously. Actually, I think you can probably get away with just most of those stories being interesting.

The first episode is a little packed with information but worth checking out, especially if you’re a soap fan and don't mind predictable storylines. Ultimately I wasn’t intrigued enough to keep watching.

Five Life,
Fridays, 9:00pm

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