11 March, 2007


Because choosing the music for your films is more fun than writing them...


Broken Social Scene

I heard a Feist song, "Mushaboom", in two adverts and bought the album it was on. In trying to investigate what the track was called and who it was by, I discovered she was part of a Canadian super-group called Broken Social Scene (BSS).

Feist is good but I was gobsmacked by BSS and they became my new favourite band and that love hasn't diminished. BSS have scored a new film The Tracey Fragments so they'll have experience when it comes to doing mine.

Incidentally, my search also led to the wonderful Metric, also part of BSS, who are worth checking out too. The other individuals/groups that make up BSS are being checked out as time and money allows.

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Arcade Fire

I played the first album by this Canadian band to death and loved it but as everybody else started to love them and as my iPod filled up with more new music I moved on. It was my loss. On anticipation of the new album, "Neon Bible" I played the old one, "Funeral", again and it is so awesome it has to be played at least once a week. And you might as well add the new album to that prescription as well for the same reasons.

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Lianne said...

I have been playing Neon Bible non-stop for two days and am showing no signs of getting sick of it. I don't think it is possible. Every time I listen to each song, I hear something new in it.

Robin Kelly said...

I agree. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if you're in the street, walking along, listening to the album and then you get carried away and forget where you are and shout "Hey! No cars go!", while punching the air? I'm glad it didn't happen to me.