03 March, 2007


ITV are promoting this crime thriller as a ‘hit’ which is a barefaced lie. It’s brilliant but it’s not a hit or we’d be getting 22 episodes and not just the 7 they made before they had to close down production due to being cancelled. CBS actually only showed 3 episodes before pulling it.

This is about a gang of thieves who aren’t very likeable but you understand them and admire their skills. The problem is that it should have been on a cable channel with an audience who don't mind baddies as protags, like HBO viewers can enjoy The Sopranos. CBS is also famous for its older and more conservative audience, so it was the worst network for this show.

It’s from John Wells of ER, Third Watch and The West Wing so he knows what he’s doing but he really should have set it up at another network as the cancellation was inevitable.

This is the third drama following the point of view of criminals to fail recently in the States (NBC’s Heist and ABC’s Thieves ) but this was by far the best. It's like a movie in terms of style and budget.

I really liked it and although there are some loose ends at the end, it’s worth watching as each episode is more or less stand alone.
ITV4, Tuesdays, 10:00pm

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