29 March, 2007

Newly Collaborative And Less Weepy Shyamalan To Make Next Movie With Fox


"A funny thing happened to notoriously sensitive Lady in the Water director M. Night Shayamalan after a round of studio meetings about his new spec script, The Happening, ended without the blockbuster sale he expected: Rather than storm out of the disappointing sessions soaked in tears and wracked with doubt, pledging to cooperate with a tell-all book about how the executives wouldn't know Art if it blew them underneath their desks during a conference call, he instead took their notes, rewrote the screenplay, and ultimately reached a deal with Fox to make the movie."


Sheila West said...

I've heard some outrageous claims about him being the ultimate prima donna. Maybe they're true, but the tales of his ego just seem SOOOOOOOOO over the top. This development seems to be a believable contradiction --or at least ammendment--to those allegations.

Robin Kelly said...

I'd like to think the tales of his ego are exaggerated.

I see it as another great writer's dilemma because you need great self-belief and confidence to get your scripts out there but you also need some humility and self-awareness to acknowledge that maybe your script might need improving.

One extreme is writers not having the confidence to send anything out at all and the other is having the total control to make very flawed films like Night.