08 February, 2007

Writers wanted exercise

Marco Shamash sent a request for scripts (see below) to Shooting People. I don't have an email address but should you be interested subscribe for free and look up "Screenwriters Network Issue 2938" in the archives.

I'm not recommending you do that necessarily as the original post looked a bit unprofessional and it might be a waste of time. But at least he's trying to make films and you never know.

I actually re-posted this advert for a different purpose entirely - as a good writing exercise. I think it's important to develop the skill to write and re-write to notes quite quickly. The brief might seem restrictive at first but it gives us ample opportunity to use our imaginations and our own original voice.

So I'm suggesting the following - if you feel like it, obviously:

  1. Read the brief and make your own bullet points of things you need to include.
  2. Think of an idea that could incorporate all the the elements the director wants and what characters you would need for those ideas. (The brief has already given you the main character).
  3. Flesh out the rough character sketches a bit more and adjust the story should you get inspired.
  4. Outline a 10 minute screenplay
  5. Write the script.
The process might inspire more interesting ideas entirely but I recommend putting them aside and trying to stick to the brief even it it isn't your preferred genre.


I and a colleague are looking for the right script to shoot

Has anyone written or got in mind a script of 10 - 20 pages which has the following elements:

  • Action
  • Fight sequences (hand to hand combat; knives; limited firearms)
  • Car driving scenes (no destruction)
  • Must have plot and be fast paced
  • Ideally I would like that the main character has a sense of humour à la The Persuaders

If anyone would like to pitch/discuss idea with two open minded directors...please get in touch.


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