12 February, 2007


Workline, a new confidential employment advice website and helpline has been launched by Women in Film and Television.

Supported by Skillset and the UK Film Council, this free, confidential and nationwide service is available to anyone working in the UK film and television industry, including employees, employers, full and part-time workers and those who are self-employed

The service will be run by staff who have several years of industry and human resources experience and supported by employment law firm Goodman Derrick LLP. The service's advisors can help with any work and employment related questions Monday-Friday.

Advice will cover the full gamut of work-related issues including contract issues, maternity and paternity leave and pay, flexible working hours, statutory disciplinary and dismissal procedures, redundancy pay, jury service, pensions, sickness and statutory sick pay, and equal opportunities questions.

To contact service, visit the website
or e-mail help*AT*workline.org.uk
or call 0870 850 7147.
(Calls to the helpline cost 8p per minute and callers are asked to leave a message and are called back within 48 hours. The helpline is open Monday-Friday. )

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